A bit about me

I guess I started writing music when I was about 6. I remember getting a small blue manuscript pad for my birthday and filling it with one-handed tunes that I made up on my parents' Clavinova. Crotchets with stems on the wrong side, that sort of thing. But it wasn't until I was about 15 that I started taking music a bit more seriously. I started to really love playing the piano and even started singing in choirs and playing violin in orchestras. All of a sudden, music became my "thing" and I loved it.

I didn't ever think I'd want to write music as my job, though. Maybe perform it, or listen to it, or play it to other people (at one point I really wanted to be DJ). There was never any question that I'd study music, though, and where better than at a music college? But when it came to applying for colleges, composition seemed to be the only thing that stood out. I didn't fancy being strapped to a piano for four years, and I didn't really consider myself to be a good enough singer to study voice. So off I went, to Birmingham Conservatoire, to learn how to compose.

It was great.

Not only learning how to think critically about the creative process, but also to be stretched to listen to music that normally wouldn't even cross my radar. People like Webern, Feldman, and Pärt. It might not sound like it now, but I'm influenced by so many of these composers, as well as my musical contemporaries and artists from other disciplines.

I've found that the projects I connect most with are ones that are born out of something dramatic, whether that's onstage in a play or musical, or onscreen in a film or documentary. Collaboration is surely the greatest gift that artists can give each other - the chance to make something greater than the sum of its parts.

So hit me up. Let's make something amazing together.