Some of the people I’ve written music for:

JJO Brands.png

I’ve also worked on BBC shows; I assisted Segun Akinola on Doctor Who, and sung on Will Slater and Benji Merrison’s Dynasties score.
You’ll see below I’ve worked on music for advertising, as well as providing orchestration services and assisting James Everingham on various projects for Extreme Music, Bleeding Fingers, and forthcoming work for Motorsport Network.

My track, Endeavour, used on the BBC for their trailer for Generation Gifted. Written for BMG - full track below.

Co-composed the music for this commercial for the MS pharmaceutical company Rebif with Will Hyde from Hyde Music.

Wrote an epic, responsive soundtrack for Pro2131 Enterprises new VR real time strategy game, Starblazer. The music needed to respond to the gameplay action in a way that was fluid and unobtrusive, so I worked with the production team to implement this within the Unity engine.

Composed a punchy, memorable audio identity for the 2016 Focus Conference for HTB London. Careful it doesn’t get stuck in your head!

For this online commercial for Bath Sparkling Wines, I wrote this uplifting, emotive backdrop to the spoken word voice over, using reverberant guitars and atmospheric pads.

Selected audio examples