And then, the mountains moved EP

It's been a thrilling few months preparing for the launch of my debut EP, And then, the mountains moved, which is out in June. I don't think I've ever felt so excited about a project, and it's been great to have been able to give myself complete creative freedom: a luxury that is often scarce when it comes to freelance contracts.

I've tried to make the EP coherent as a whole piece of work, while giving each track a distinct sound and flavour. My aim with the whole project was to make a set of tracks that would have dramatic potential, with the primary focus on people using them for their short films, dance performances, or in live theatre. With this in mind I'm releasing the whole EP for free, under Creative Commons, for non-commercial, non-derivative use. I'm really excited to let the internet go wild with this and see what happens.

I've taken inspiration from so many different sources, from other contemporary soundtrack composers like Tony Anderson and Dexter Britain, to music from other styles like Bethel Music and Coldplay. I'd like to think that the music that I write bridges different styles (I don't think there are many artists that like being put in a box) and defies categorisation, but in reality there seems to me to be a clear thread running through all this music that comes out of me: it all has a dramatic or emotional impetus. My music longs for something else; it needs film or theatre or dance to help it make sense of itself.

I love writing music for a particular purpose; when I've had the chance to write scores for films or plays it's been an invigorating experience. This time that rush will arrive when you use it in your piece.