Soundcloud picks #02: April 2016

I've been excited by a lot that I've heard on SoundCloud this month, so narrowing it down to a few to post here has been a challenge, but hopefully you'll agree that the number I've selected here are truly exceptional tracks. So, without any further ado...

Dos Brains // Extinction Preview

I'd been following Colin Fisher (a gifted musician in his own right) on SoundCloud for a while when I saw a couple of his other projects - Soundprank, an electronic progressive trance project, and Dos Brains - a Canadian production music house with a focus on trailer music and sounds that are more on the epic end of the scale.

All of Dos Brains' work is consistently excellent, and the preview track for their upcoming release, an album by Phil Rey, is no exception. Their work is inventive, distinctive, and meticulously well-produced, and it sounds like Extinction will have these qualities in spades.

Dos Brains are on Facebook and YouTube, and you can follow Phillippe Rey on Facebook.

James Everingham // The Rest Of Us

James got a mention in last month's edition too; and each are fully deserved. I'm hesitant to repeatedly feature the same names in this list in order to give as many people as possible the chance to get in the mix, but The Rest Of Us is a truly exceptional piece of work. James' writing often displays rich emotive strings and pulsating synth lines, but not since Leviathan (a track written very much in the same vein) have we heard such euphoric writing from this talented young man. Featuring the exceptionally talented Chris Coleman on 'cello and an inventive 7/8 outro, this track is not one to be missed.

James is on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and you can visit his official website here.

Mark Laukkanen // Dwell

Mark is a gifted young Finnish composer with an output that shows consistent steady growth and development. I've been following his work for a while now and it's fair to say that there's an audible evolution with each track, as he matures and gathers experience. Dwell is one of my favourites of his recent releases, with a striking melody that moves in unison with a strong harmonic progression. 

Mark is on Twitter and Facebook, and you can check out his official website here.

I hope, like me, you've enjoyed these audio highlights from April, and as always, I'll leave you with a little something from me; this month, it's velocity.